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Located within Alabama's Calhoun county, the city of Alexandria features a residential population of approximately 3,917 residents. Advantageously positioned in close proximity to both Wellington and Anniston, Alexandria provides residents with a number of wonderful economic and cultural experiences, all of which have helped this region of the state become one of the more popular destinations for both locals and business owners alike. Mobile & Manufactured homes properties for sale or rent in Alexandria can be found throughout the mobile & manufactured home communities in the area. Those hoping to purchase or rent a mobile home in the Alexandria, AL area may find that Alexandria offers the perfect mix of both affordability and convenience for those commuting to either Wellington or Anniston.

Alexandria, AL Economic Overview

The average income of Alexandria residents is around state averages. Some of the more popular occupations for residents of Alexandria include positions in industries such as the automotive, health care and technical services, construction, finance and education, among others. Unemployment levels in Alexandria are below state averages, due in large part to the well diversified local economy and the high demand for the products and services offered by many of the local businesses. Some of the larger employers in the Alexandria area include Anniston Army Depot, Regional Medical Center and the Center for Homeland Security, among others.

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Despite the relatively small geographical size of Anniston, people seeking to buy or rent a mobile home in Decatur have some excellent options to choose from.

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